How To Make A Lollipop Invitation

It’s been 4 years since the creation of my version of the lollipop invitation…and I must say, it hasn’t evolved much!

From then:


To now:


I’ve stuck with the same design, with a few changes here and there. I’m still using my custom made, colorful swirly design. What I’ve changed is how I assemble them. It was a difficult and long process of gluing pieces of paper onto a lollipop stick. Here’s a step by step on how to quickly create these fun and colorful invitations!

-Mini brads
-6 inch lollipop sticks
-Duct Tape
-Large permanent scrapbooking glue dots
-5/8 inch ribbon in the color of your choice
-teeny tiny hole puncher { 1/8 inch | a thumb tack will also work}
-Circle cutter {circles should measure 5 inches in diameter}
-Printed Lollipop Files {printed on a heavy cardstock | 67lb or heavier works perfect}


1. Print out the PDF files:
The two versions can be purchased here and here. Edit your files as needed, merge the layers for each {cover/insert/backing} that you’re working on (while hiding the other layers) and paste them onto a new document using the standard U.S. paper size (8.5 x 11). You should be able to fit 2 circles per page. I suggest making 3 separate files to print: 1 file with 2 cover circles, 1 files with 2 insert circles and 1 file with 2 backing circles..that way you can print even numbers of invitations. Save your files as a .pdf. You will need to print the files on a 67lb card stock or heavier. Make sure you do not click “fit to page” when you print (no scaling) or you won’t leave yourself some room for error when you cut them out.

2. Cut out the circles: Using your circle cutter, set the measurement to 5 inches and center the cutter over each circle. Press firmly and use the rotary blade to cut out the circle. Make sure you hold the paper down while you’re cutting.

3. Preparing the Lollipop Sticks:
I used to have to cut paper rectangles and glue 2 pieces onto the tips of the lollipop sticks the night before, but then I realized what a waste of time this was! All you need to do is take about 6” of Duct Tape, place the lollipop stick in the center of the tape and fold each edge towards the center.


3. Attach Lollipop Circles to the Sticks:
Use large permanent glue dots to adhere the circles to the sticks and to each other (not white Elmer’s glue..using wet glue will cause the invitations to warp). These invitations require 8 glue dots per invitation. See the image below {you put the glue dots where I marked x’s}.

4. Attach the Lollipop Covers:
I use a mini brad to attach the cover to the invitations. You may need to use a 1/8 in hole puncher to create a hole for your brad. If you don’t have a small hole puncher, a thumbtack will work just fine.

5. Ribbon:
Lastly, cut out 12 inch lengths of ribbon and tie one on each stick. I find that organza ribbon is the easiest to tie.


Since I’m no longer making these invitations (busy mom of 3 with a design and photography business…you do the math), I’ve decided to sell the .psd files for these invitations. The files can be purchased here. This .psd file includes my most popular version of the lollipop invitation…along with a boy version (blue), a quinceanera version, sweet sixteen version, and a version that can be used with a picture. You could use the original girl/boy version for a girl/boy baby shower as well. All versions are included as layers & groups in one, convenient .psd file.

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